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The Space Beechworth is all about community and it’s aim is to create a safe, welcoming space for people to detach from the busy, stressful day to day whilst getting stronger, more flexible and to replenish offering a variety of yoga, pilates, barre classes, regular workshops, events and focus classes suitable for all levels.   

The Space Beechworth, believes that the intentions we cultivate on the mat can lead to balance, peace and harmony in our daily lives; awakening senses, creativity, intuition which help us release, so we can create space to reset, focus, achieve, believe, transform, build strength and conquer fear.



All yoga classes offered are holistic in nature to emphasise the power of yoga to enhance physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.  The classes are designed to improve strength, flexibility and teach you ways to avoid injury as our belief is in 'prehabilitation' i.e. prevention is better than cure!



We offer special events, workshops and guests at the studio to deepen your practice or learnings all to enhance you and your life!

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The studio is proud to pioneer the popularity of  Pilates in Beechworth. When you yearn to burn, nothing delivers quite like a Pilates class. Build core strength quicker than you imagined, improve your posture and work muscles in your body that you didn’t know you had! Pilates is known for its incredible results, 



Every class at the space beechworth concludes with a deep restorative mediation, created to bring stillness into your life and simply 'allow' deep rest to happen. 

Meditations are based on positive, uplifting mindful affirmations and goal setting.



Another first to the local community, Barre is a total body workout using thoughtful low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results. Barre is the fastest, most effective full-body workout that is designed to strengthen and tone your body in ways that no other technique can. 

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We offer herbal teas, ambient.chilled water and individual care packs to make your experience even more blissful from the very beginning.



all props are included in your class pass

all props included

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