due to the COVID-19 restrictions and changes, please note that the following studio protocols will be place effective from Thursday  28 October 2021.

You must be fully vaccinated to attend any classes at The Space Beechworth and provide proof of your vaccination (either digitally or hard copy) from 6pm Thursday 28th October 2021. 

class sizes and timetable

  1. classes capped to 6 clients MAXIMUM per session plus the instructor.  If industry related restrictions ease or change as announced by the Victorian government, class sizes may change.

  2. with the reduced class sizes, it is highly recommended you book your session(s) in advance to avoid disappointment.

  3. to ensure effective, continuous COVID-19 compliance and cleanliness, the studio timetable is as shown below.

​Monday: 630pm barre

Wednesday:  630pm yoga

Thursday:  630pm pilates


pass purchases, bookings and entry

  1. all bookings must be made via the MomoYoga app/website.

  2. all class passes are to be made via credit card through the app/website – cash will not be accepted in studio.  Please ensure you have a pass before arriving to lessen any in-studio MomoYoga business app transactions.  No pass – no entry!

  3. there will be waitlist available for all classes allowing for late cancellations.

  4. walk-ins (unbooked attendance) – please contact Linda via text 0419108577 no less than 10 minutes prior to class start time to confirm availability and attendance.

  5. please note the studio doors will be opened 5 minutes prior to the class start time.  If government restrictions are in place, please wear your mask and follow social distancing outside whilst waiting for the doors to open.

  6. the studio doors will be locked at the commencement time for the scheduled class.

  7. late entry will not be permitted to allow for pre-class COVID-19 procedures to be conducted.  No exceptions!

  8. if you book a session and arrive after the studio doors are locked, there will be a deduction (late cancel) to your current pass.

  9. current cancellation window will not change (2hrs prior to class start time).

class attendance

  1. for everyone’s safety and long-term wellbeing, you must adhere to the additional studio’s COVID-19 protocols which will be outlined/displayed externally, internally and at the commencement of every class.  This includes any current government COVID-19 guidelines/requirements.

  2. during government restrictions, clients may be required to wear a mask upon entry to the studio.  When the class commences, you may remove your mask and when savasana (the sleepy bit) commences, you must put on your mask and continue until you leave the studio.

  3. every client will be required to QR code sign in and provide their name, contact number and sign off that they are well, be fully vaccinated and if they have the COVIDSafe app. No exceptions.

  4. please always follow social distancing both prior, during and after your attendance.

  5. please bring minimal personal belongings into the studio (e.g. mobile, wallet, keys)

  6. you are encouraged to bring your own mat and blanket if you choose, but again, please adhere to the COVID-19 protocols.

  7. mats will be spaced as per the current government requirements

  8. please do not share or touch another client’s props/belongings.

  9. there will be no communal access to some studio items, including but not limited to facial tissues and mints.

  10. no hands-on adjustments will be made during class – as always, listen to your own body, follow the verbal cueing and be mindful of your alignment.  Please stop and ask for further instruction if you need to.

  11. the studio will provide ample and effective hygiene supplies to ensure your safety.  This includes hand sanitiser, disinfectant/anti-bacterial mat wipes/sprays, hand wash, paper towelling, etc.  Please ensure you practice good hygiene and follow the instructions provided.

  12. also, remember we must still be vigilant - be thoughtful to not place anyone in an uncomfortable contra-COVID-19 position. As always, safety first! Any breaches may result in a review of your access to the studio for the safety of the whole community.

  13. as required by the Victorian government, the studio will undertake pre, post class and weekly deep cleans to ensure everyone’s continuous safety.

Remember we are all in this together but as we have seen, staying apart has had its advantages.

Stay strong, stay sweet, stay safe